Friday, December 13, 2013

Welcome to TravelMyNY

Welcome to Travel MyNY!

This blog will be about touring and sightseeing within the New York City metropolitan area and traveling throughout the world as a New Yorker. I live in the City of New York and I am one of its biggest fans. I have lived in the NYC area all my life and I was introduced to its cultural wonders as a child. 

Many people live in wonderful places and do not tour their own areas. Throughout the years, as I have posted in social media, people have asked me for information about touring and sightseeing right in their own hometown. Hopefully, for New Yorkers and visitors alike, you will enjoy the little tidbits, fyi's and advice that will come forth from here.

I have liked to travel since taking family road trips as a kid. I enjoy seeing new places, sightseeing famous and little known sites and taking travel photos. This blog is strictly from the perspective of the ordinary traveler. From time to time, I will refer you to experts.

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Happy Trails to All!!