Monday, October 24, 2016

Maine-ly Drizzle: A Gourmet Spin on Oil and Vinegar


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Truth: I am not an oil and vinegar person, not even vinaigrette. Balsamic vinegar is the worst. Or so I thought. I thought I was unusual until I found out there are many persons who cannot tolerate vinegar. Thus, imagine my surprise when I sampled my way around Maine-ly Drizzle, a delightful charming boutique of a shop tucked up in Kennebunkport. The store focuses mostly on pairing the right type of oil with the right type of vinegar. I should know: the person ringing me up asked me if I was sure of my choices because my pairings weren't quite traditional.

At any rate, I was positive about my selections because I had sampled my way through the shop with tongue teasing pairings in oils such as Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange and Persian Lime matched up with the not recommended pairings such as Grapefruit White Balsamic and Dark Chocolate. Yum.

I found out that I could most certainly tolerate such pairings if I made it myself. Apparently bottled dressings or even fine dining recipes make the proportions too acidic for me, irritating my throat. If I make it myself, I'm in business! It's on now!

Debbie, one of the owners of Maine-ly Drizzle

The owner is a delightful person by the name of Debbie, who, along with her husband Nick, has operated this store for 4 years. She is vivacious, bubbly and quite knowledgeable about pairing the right oils with the right vinegar. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her store and one can even say she is an advocate for cooking. 

By the time we left the shop, Maine-ly Drizzle was firmly on my list for must-visits every time I'm in Maine: a nicely decorated store, charming ambiance, great owner/host and lovely products. But, if you can't get there in person, they have an extensive on-line store. Click below on the store name.

Maine-ly Drizzle:  2 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, ME -- (207) 204-0025. 

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