Sunday, June 11, 2017

Travel Tips for Holiday Times


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Believe it or not,  the holidays are upon us. Yes, if you are planning to go away for any holiday, even Flag Day, it's time to plan. For those who observe, this can mean anything from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwaanza (Kwanzaa) and New Year's Day.

1. If you plan to travel during any holiday, then you should know that the prices are always going to be higher to travel to a destination and to stay. However, attractions and activities prices are usually the same. In fact, there may be some deals, sales or rewards during holiday times.

2. Speaking of activities, they will probably be numerous. Holiday time is tourist season times and local businesses depend on these times for their profits. (Information from news channels, If you travel at other times, you may notice some shops are not open or have limited hours (even Disney, believe it or not).

3. Book early. Cruises sell out fast, flights will be lower the further out you book, preferred lodging will be available. As soon as you are sure, book. If you are booking on your own, here are our tips.

4. Plan your activities, particularly during December but don't forget to leave some down time. It's your vacation after all, relax.. Departments of tourism and chamber of commerces will either send you pamphlets or allow you to download. If you are going to a small town, local events will sell out fast or have long lines. If you plan to dine out on the holiday itself, you will need reservations. Check out our tips here. One great publisher for guide books is Frommer.

5. Know where you're going. Seasons are reversed past the equator, some countries celebrate other holidays or may not observe what you're celebrating, bad weather can alter plans. Holiday time is the one time you should have travel insurance. If you're driving, allow plenty of time for traffic and have your car serviced.