Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to Travel: Part 3 -Electronics 5 Tips +1

Travel with Your Electronic Devices
5 Tips +1

Recently, a few airlines to certain countries changed their policies about electronics onboard. Check with your airline before you travel. Here are some electronics I find helpful to travel with. 

Invest in a good case for your smartphone. More models on Amazon

1. Smartphone: today's mobile phones are nothing short of modern technology gone wild. All you have to do is make a wish and an app will grant it. Smartphones can: record/edit a photo, video, voice memo; take notes; receive emails (with your confirmations for hotel reservations, flights or tickets); be used to take a picture of your parking space (!); contain books, play television shows, music or movies, catch up on the news; be a GPS device, entertain your toddler and more. Invest in a shockproof/waterproof case and you are good to go.
My tablets pose for a portrait (designs/logos, copyright Apple, Nook, Barnes and Noble)

2. Tablets: So, if smartphones can do all that, why carry a tablet? I can't answer for everyone, but for me, it's for a few reasons: books, movies and games on a larger screen. A PDF app will hold my travel confirmations. 

3. Cameras: I still see many people carrying cameras on vacation. If you are into better quality photos and videos, this is a no brainer. Some cameras now have wi-fi. As a photographer, I own a few cameras but if you only carry one, I recommend a waterproof photo camera, great for all scenarios. 

External Hard Drive: My Passport by Western Digital

4. For road trips, laptop: For heavy duty operations, the laptop beats all. Of course, this is not what you take on day trips. But, when you return to the hotel room, hook up the gadgets and download your data. Invest in an external hard drive and you won't run out of space and you'll back up that precious information.

Multi port chargers/adaptors

5. Multiple charger: To minimize space and weight, use a multiple charger with many ports. One port should have enough amps for the full size iPad (very important!!). Check to see that your device's charging system is not proprietary (meaning it doesn't work and play well with others, like my Nook, which needs its own charger and cord). 

Mesh Bag
Cord Wrap by Bobino

6. Mesh storage bags and cord keepers: To get on the plane and to make life organized, I carry mesh bags: for the cords and for the charger(s). It takes about one minute more, but I take them out when I take out the tablets and laptop and I haven't been stopped through security in years. Worth the effort, believe me. 

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