Monday, September 18, 2017

Stop and Watch the Trees: Fall Foliage

Fall FoliageLocations Outside of the Northeast USA

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We folks in the Northeastern region of the USA might think that our neck of the woods is the only place to see fall foliage but we understand that other parts of the USA can share in the glory, also. If you can't get to Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and of course, my home state, New York, here are some other alternatives:

Sedona has been a hot destination for quite some time. The Oak Creek Canyon would be a good locale to hike and view at the same time. Try mid-October. 

While you're in Arizona, make your way to the iconic Grand Canyon. Autumn is still popular, but the crowds may not be as tremendous as the summer. The backdrop of the gorgeous canyon to the vibrant colors of autumn promises a feast for the eyes. 

Always a popular destination with landscape photographers, Zion is a natural choice for fall leaf-peeping. The canyons' natural hues only serve to highlight the foliage.

Plan this for next year: you must enter a lottery for a permit to drive the road. You can enter the lottery May 1-May 31. You have to choose the date you would like. Check the link above in May to plan for next fall. I'm sure the views of snow-capped mountains and the fall foliage will be worth the effort.

Known for it's waterfalls, picture those flowing waters with the saturated colors of trees through your viewfinder. Add to that the fantastic wildlife and you have a postcard in the making.

Trail Ridge Road seems to be a hotspot to get your exercise on while taking in the breathtaking views of autumn. Watch the wildlife as you take in the atmosphere.

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