Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Reflections: How COVID-19 Affected travel


HOW COVID-19 Affected Travel

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The 2019-2020 COVID-19 worldwide situation united the entire world in way that resembled the World War II allies, the 9/11 NYS attacks or a global economic depression. 

As the virus and its effects circled the entire world, the travel industry virtually came to a standstill. Cruises were suspended, some resumed tentatively only to step back again. Airplanes were empty, flights were cancelled and were reduced. Rush hour for commuters almost ceased to exist for months as the world worked, learned, socialized and played from home. 

Cultural institutions, possible Petri dishes for a virus with close contact for patrons, shut their doors in an unprecedented way. As of this writing New York City’s Broadway district plans to reopen January 2021. Museums, concerts, plays, poetry readings, art galleries and more all shuttered their doors, with some reopening with massive safety procedures and policies in place. 


Sports came to a halt, also, on all levels, which is likely to have a ripple effect. Professional sports recruit from colleges, high schools, traveling teams, tournaments, etc. Like the arts, sports depends on more than just the teams. Vendors, parking attendants, the ticket scanners, custodians, landscapers and maintenance people were all either terminated or laid off. 


All of the above industries affect the travel industry as it is connected with every industry in the world. If you generously include public transportation as part of the travel industry, this means that there was virtually not a single entity that did not affect the travel industry.  

As some states reemerge from a shutdown and as others adopt some quarantine measures, here are some activities you can do while we adjust to, what has become the slogan for 2020: THE NEW NORMAL.


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