Wednesday, August 19, 2020

COVID-19 TRAVEL: Staycation Ideas


 COVID-19 Travel:

Staycation Ideas


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Worldwide, either because of restrictions or by choice, travelers are staying close to home, limiting their travel to local areas. In other words, we are "staycationing."

So, What to Do?

1. Take up a projectRediscover your living space.  Start a business. Bone up your cooking skills. Learn a new language. Attend a virtual sip and paint class. As we revamped our houses and our cooking skills, we needed sources to turn to. Channel surf, skim the web, download an app and learn a new something new. Check here for our favorites.

2. Get out of the house. As many folks discovered, local parks became THE place to go, especially after gyms were closed.  Purchase an annual parking pass, and your state and local parks will become a place to hike, run, bike, picnic (safely, of course) or just to provide a change of pace from your backyard.

NYC's Central Park

3. Support the arts. Musicians used social media sites such as giving concerts on Instagram and Facebook or recording material at home and uploading new releases. Museums created virtual galleries and independent artists ramped on their online stores.

Outdoor Musician

4. Keep shopping. Virtual shopping went viral, if you'll pardon the pun, and many malls are open with precautions in place, including options such as free delivery as well as curbside pickup. We're helping to rebound the economy. See our favorite items.

Online Shopping

5. Get in shape. After reality set in and people stopped going off their diets, bicycle sales went through the roof. Ditto treadmills and other home gym equipment, professional athletes and celebrities found out and had to fend for themselves when gyms closed and personal trainers went virtual.

Long Island, NY

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