Monday, August 24, 2020

Post-COVID-19 Travel: The New Normal Must Haves

Post-COVID-19 Travel:

The New Normal


This article is my personal opinion based on my personal travel. I currently do not receive any compensation from the travel industry. However, I am an Amazon Associate.

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As regions around the world alternately quarantine and reopen, travelers are cautiously exploring their regions, in staycations and/or road trips. Safety is still important, so stock up on these must haves:

1. Keep a head start on your health with your own no-touch thermometer.

2. Avoid touching public surfaces such as doors, keypads and screens with a no-touch tool.                      

3. Slip these convenient size hand sanitizers right into your pocket.


4. Face masks have become mandatory in many US states and public places. Be healthy and fashionable. Try these, with replaceable filters.


5. Throw a pack of hand sanitizer wipes in the bag to freshen up.


6. Feel a little safer with little ones on the potty with these extra large toilet seat covers.


7. Stay hydrated with a metal water bottle that stays cold all day.

8. Get a metal drinking straw for the each member of the family.

9. Carry your own shopping bags that can double as packing bags.           

10. Always travel with a small first aid kit, even when there isn't a pandemic.

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