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NEW: Google and Blogger have added the new European Union cookie policy automatically to this blog. Since we use our own domain, however, through Yahoo, we cannot see it unless we are in the EU. We have not edited this blog to hide this notice, nor have we added other blog feature that set cookies.

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You are not obligated to click any ads to read our blog. MC Enterprises LLC uses Google AdSense to advertise on this blog. We do not track cookies or specific readers ourselves, only statistics to see how many people are stopping by. We do not collect information ourselves (we don’t know how!). But, Google and third party vendors will use cookies and DoubleClick cookies to serve ads based on a reader’s prior visits to our website and/or other sites on the Internet. Readers can opt-out by visiting Ads Settings or To opt out, you can also visit the advertiser’s websites directly. Using cookies helps them to put ads that you might be interested in on my site. Hopefully, not only will you get some helpful information from my blog posts, but you will get more resources that will benefit you.

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