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Gentle Reader: The Queen's Ball, The Immersive Bridgerton Experience in New York

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Welcome, Gentle Reader

The Queen's Ball: An Immersive Bridgerton Experience

New York

The Queen's Ball
The Queen

Sometimes, you have to tour your own city and have fun with immersive experiences. I was part of the Queen's Court at The Bridgerton Experience in New York City.

Of course, this comes with a price, but the fun and novelty was definitely worth it, especially if:

  • you're a historical novel fan

  • you like Regency era novels, movies and TV series

  • you're a fan of Shonda Rhimes

  • you're a fan of Julia Quinn

  • you're a fan of the Bridgerton series and spin-offs

  • you appreciate adaptations of real life historical figures

  • you can get into immersive experiences

People travel for different reasons and some travel to follow sports teams, musicians and it's possible to follow immersive experiences. The Bridgerton Experience has toured several cities in the USA and Canada. In each city, the experience may vary a little because the location will be different. Since some cities are a road trip or flight away, it's conceivable (although expensive) if you want to see the differences. For some, this is part of the fun of being a fan. But if you choose, to visit just once, and if you view fans' posts on social media, just know that your experience may vary. According to the website, The Bridgerton Experience seems to be in only one city at a time.

So what is a Bridgerton immersive experience, especially in New York? Well, when you enter, you're greeted by the palace staff, who invite you to learn a regency-era dance, partake of libations (both with and without alcohol), watch a romance unfold (complete with the drama) and then party for the rest of the session. In other words, you're a participant, not just an observer, hence the immersive experience. Since the theme is from the Bridgerton novels and television series, knowing about the topic helps, but it's not required to have fun! Just enjoy the New York style immersive experience.

The Bridgerton Experience
Performing for the Queen (and the rest of us)

The Bridgerton immersive experience sessions in New York are about 2 hours long, purchased by reserving your time and date and type of ticket. You can pre-purchase your drink, souvenirs, and/or snack box or you can buy those items and other Briderton inspired souvenirs when you get there. I got carried away buying tea because the cast of Bridgerton was on the tea canisters.

At the New York Bridgerton Immersive Experience, you must be 16 to attend (with an adult), 18+ to attend without an accompanying adult and, of course, 21 and over to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

Costumes are not mandatory but they do help create the ambience and add to the fun. After all, you are part of the cast of the Bridgerton Immersive Experience and dressing the part helps. As one participant said, "it's like a costume prom for adults." But, you certainly won't be turned away if you don't have a Regency era-like outfit.

Want to see me at the Ball?

There are several selfie stations for you to document your own Bridgerton Immersive Experience, but tripods, selfie sticks (and probably gimbals) and professional cameras are not allowed. I brought just my phone, but since it's an iPhone 14 Pro Max, it more than did the job. However, flash is not allowed either, so the photos and videos have an eerie color filter-like appearance until you correct it in your photo editor. No matter, it makes for an interesting video.

Queen Charlotte's Costume
Authentic costume from the Bridgerton series

You can have your Bridgerton Experience portrait professionally, digitally, painted. After your photo is taken by the house photographer, you'll be guided to the computer, pull up your photo and see it painted before your eyes. You sign your masterpiece and scan the QR code to download it to your phone. I was unable to see if prints could be purchased for some reason.

The highlights of the Bridgerton Immersive Experience were the arrival of the Queen; the presentation of those who purchased the Queen's Court upgraded ticket (you get to enter earlier, you curtsy before the Queen, get a complimentary drink and swag bag); and a dance/acrobatic performance of the drama of a romance played out before those in attendance. Interact with actors, who are a lot of fun. After all, that's what being immersive is all about. You'll find yourself in character until they tell you the session is over.

Ticket prices vary by time, date and type. For New York, this Bridgerton Experience will be in town until the end of July, 2023.

The Bridgerton Experience
No flash allowed, be prepared for some weird colors

So, gentle reader (and YouTube viewers), try an immersive Bridgerton Experience, the ultimate virtual travel.

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