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The NYC Traveler in NYC: The Dumbo Area of Brooklyn

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Not so DUMB-O, Brooklyn

The NYC Traveler in NYC Video Playlist A great way to spend a weekend afternoon is in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. The name stands for Down Under the Manhattan/Brooklyn Overpass. It's the area between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

In between the cobble-stoned streets and alleys are boutiques, famed pizzerias, ice cream shops, rock climbing and even a "beach." Yes, this is the Dumbo Area of Brooklyn.

Dumbo, Brooklyn
Map of Dumbo Area of Brooklyn

If you're in Manhattan, you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dumbo, Brooklyn
Waterfront in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Facing the water, the Brooklyn Bridge will be to the left and the Manhattan Bridge will be to the right (the third bridge to the BMW trio is the Williamsburg, which is further uptown, to the right) (keep exploring the Dumbo Area of Brooklyn).

Stroll along the waterfront taking in the small green spaces, the rocks along the shore, Pebble Beach, the playgrounds and the various vendors. Under the Manhattan bridge may be a flea market on Sundays. There's lots to do in the Dumbo Area of Brooklyn.

The famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is guaranteed to have long lines. Be patient or go up the street on Old Fulton Street and get some gelato. Famous pizzerias will be along that street also.

Dumbo Brooklyn Lighthouse
Lighthouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Stay a while or just a stroll (careful of the cyclists) and come to the borough that brags to be the home of the ancestors of ¼ of the USA's population.

Happy Travels!

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