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What I Carry to Disney: Top 5 Picks

Updated: Mar 14

A Disney Day

What I Need To Bring With Me

Epcot, Disney World
International Gateway, Epcot

1. If you've been to Disney lately (or even other theme parks), you'll see that many people have backpacks by Loungefly. You can buy one directly at the park. That label will say Disney Parks. The other official Disney backpacks will say Disney. If you want yours before you get there, try this:

This cute looks good with any outfit and fits right in your everyday life when you're not in Disney.

2. They sell Disney hand sanitizers in the parks, but they are about $12 for one. Try these instead. You can get more for the same price.

3. Water bottles: Disney has many bottles for sale, including Tervis and Corksicle brands. Personally, these are the brands I carry to Disney because they keep beverages cold or hot for a long time and they're spillproof. But, there are cheaper bottles, especially for children. Check these out so that you can have yours before you get there. BONUS TIP: get ice from any kiosk and look for the water fountains throughout the park (usually near the restrooms), so that you can refill your bottle without buying bottled water.

Be A Savvy Expert Traveler

3. Be ready for the inevitable rain that always happens in theme parks. The ponchos at Disney are nice, but sometimes there's a long line when the rain starts or they run out. Umbrellas are good, but they take up a lot of space, they beep through the metal detector and you have to juggle everything else with one hand. The poncho fits over backpacks, allows air to flow through so that you don't get hot and folds up nicely. I carry a poncho in my bag.

And in between rain showers, store your ponch in this:

Disney Waterproof Pouch
Disney Waterproof Wet Dry Bag

4. Personally, I can't be out in the sun without a hat or cap, but many people do walk around in the sun uncovered. But, you should try to protect yourself. Check out these options. I wear hats not just to showcase Disney gear but to protect myself from the sun.

5. Finally, many families put all their stuff into one bag so that only one person goes through the bag line and everyone else can go through faster. Put your stuff in here. I carry a tote if I need to carry rain gear.

Have a great trip!

Happy Travels!

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