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Maine-ly Drizzle: A Must Do In Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, Maine

oils and vinegars
Maine-ly Drizzle gourmet store

If you follow us on YouTube, Instagram and/or Facebook, you know that we have been traveling to the Ogunquit area in Maine for over 20 years. During those visits, we have discovered some charming shops, some that have since gone out of business and some that, thankfully, are still there. One of those shops is Maine-ly Drizzle, a charming store that sells mostly oils and vinegars but also a lot more.

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Maine-ly Drizzle is a delightful must do gourmet shop, tucked up in Kennebunkport and Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, in the state of Maine, USA. The store focuses mostly on pairing oils with the balsamic vinegars, but you can also stock up on spices, salts, tea, honey, and lovely cruets that showcase the sumptuous offerings of oil and vinegar.

Maine-ly Drizzle in Ogunquit
Maine-ly Drizzle, Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine

You can safely sample your way through the shop with tongue teasing flavors in oils such as Meyer lemon, blood orange, Persian lime, black truffle, along with many exotic varieties of extra virgin olive oils (EVOO). Chat with the staff and they will pair your oil with fun flavors of balsamic vinegars like grapefruit white, dark chocolate, expresso, jalapeno, fig and honey gingers as well as premium dark and white balsamic. You'll agree that this is a must do in Ogunquit & Kennebunkport while you're in Maine.


With other products in the shop, you can make your own dressings or dips for a variety of foods, not just salads.

Maine-ly Drizzle store
Maine-ly Drizzle vinegars

The owners are Nick and Debbie, two delightful and friendly people willing to share their expertise on pairing your oils and vinegars with suggested foods. They are bright, vivacious, bubbly and quite knowledgeable. If they are not there, the staff are just as engaging. As we know, friendly staff in small towns help to make some attractions a must do in Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, Maine.

Maine-ly Drizzle store
Maine-ly Drizzle, Kennebunkport

Maine-ly Drizzle might make it your list for must-visits every time you're in Kennebunkport, Maine or Ogunquit: nicely decorated stores, charming ambiance, great owners/hosts and lovely products. It’s a must do for us every year!

If you can't get to them in person, you can patronize them online:

2 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport (open yearlong, check website for hours)

100b Perkins Cove, Ogunquit (open seasonally, check website for info)

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