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Saugerties Lighthouse, NY: Hotel, Tourist Attraction, Historic Light Station

The Story of the Saugerties Lighthouse

Welcome to Saugerties, New York, located in the Catskills Region, Ulster County, New York.

It's an interesting tourist attraction, originally built in 1835, it was destroyed by fire in 1848. Rebuilt by 1850, the lights for the historic light station and now tourist attraction were mineral oil lights instead of the original whale oil lamps. The journey, or should we say, the voyage, of the lighthouse, was starting to become interesting.

Saugerties Lighthouse was modernized by 1854, further ensuring it could become a tourist attraction and eventually a historic light station, since it might last for a while. In fact, it lasted long enough for Congress to appropriate more money for the present lighthouse to be built.

Saugerties Lighthouse Sign
Saugerties Lighthouse, Tourist Attraction

Located on the Hudson River, in Saugerties, NY, the Saugerties Lighthouse is technically at the mouth of the Esopus Creek. At the time of the original construction, the future historic light station and tourist attraction was important to guide water traffic away from the very shallow water.

Equipment used:

And shallow it is. The tourist attraction lighthouse is only accessible by boat or on foot. If you walk, you can only go when the tide is low. The water will cover the trail otherwise.

Saugerties Lighthouse Trail
Trail to the Saugerties Lighthouse

By 1869, the present historic light station on the present location was open for business. In the early 1900's, the lighthouse was still important for repairs to be done, and a new fog bell was installed. The journey to becoming a tourist attraction was continuing.

Esopus Estatuary
Esopus Estatuary, Saugerties Lighthouse, NY

More repairs and updates were made in the 1940's including electricity, steam heat and a telephone. But it was almost in vain: the Saugerties Lighthouse, future tourist attraction and historic light station was almost demolished. In 1954, the Coast Guard automated the lights, and the lightkeeper job was excessed, becoming obsolete. By 1964, the plans to destroy the lighthouse were announced.

Somehow, the demolition did not take place by 1976, and a committee was formed to save it. In 1979, the Saugerties Lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Now it was time to actually make the lighthouse a tourist attraction since is it was now historic.

Husdon River, Saugerties, NY
Hudson River view from Saugerties Lighthouse

A conservancy was formed, the Coast Guard gave up jurisdiction and the property went to New York State. Finally, by 1990, the Saugerties Lighthouse was recommissioned, a new light was installed, and the building was completely reconstruction.

Since the Saugerties Lighthouse is not only a tourist attraction and historic light station, but also a bed and breakfast, it can only be toured if you're staying as a guest or on summer Sundays (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

Saugerties Lighthouse, NY
The Saugerties Lighthouse, on its own small island

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