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What's Happening At Disney World? Magic News & Updates

Updated: Nov 22

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

Dateline: October 17, 2023

Disney World News & Updates

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1. Effective January 9, 2024: Reservations for customers with regular tickets will not need reservations to visit the parks. Sorry, there hasn't been news for annual pass holders or the Florida pass holders.

2. Effective January 9, 2024: all day park hopping returns. You don't have to wait until 2:00PM. For annual pass holders, there will be something called "good to go" days, when you may not need a reservation. However, if reservations are in effect for annual pass holders on a certain day, then you will still have to visit your reserved park first and then park hop. Always check your Disney app for the latest info before you head out to the parks.

3. BUT, annual pass holders don't need park reservations after 2PM during the week. You might need a reservation for Saturday and Sunday.

4. Remember: complimentary parking at Disney World Resorts is back. Although the complimentary transportation can be a bit inconvenient, it can be practical.

5. If you do park your car at the parks, you do have to pay but the ticket is good all day if you park hop. Save your receipt! If you don't want to drive from park to park, check out our transportation tips here.

6. Speaking of parking, the trams are back at all four parks (just in time for the holiday crowds)! But, walk to the entrance anyway to pre-burn off some calories before you snack your way around the park. :)

7. If you buy Genie+, you get digital photo downloads as part of the package for that day!

8. The Disney Dining Plan is back for Disney Resort guests as part of the package. Ask your Disney consultant/planner for details.

9. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival ends November 18. The Epcot International Festival of the Holidays begins November 24.

10. Don't forget to continue to celebrate Disney 100. There are photo ops at all four parks.

Disney 100 sign Epcot, Disney World
Disney 100th Anniversary sign at Epcot

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