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Your 2023-2024 Disney World Trip

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Your 2023-2024 Disney Vacation

Current Information to know about Disney World

Disney Genie and Genie +

Genie + is a paid service to get on a faster line for certain attractions. Once you pay for the day, you book a reservation for an attraction. You can only book a certain amount of attractions at a time, probably one. After you ride, you check the app to see what else is available. Very popular attractions may not be available. Attractions that usually have a short or fast line may not be worth the price. And some attractions are not included in this service. For that, you have to purchase a separate Lightning Lane service.

Good-bye to the complimentary Fast Pass and hello to the Lightning Lane: a new paid service to get to some attractions at a specified time. All attractions will not be included in Lightning Lane. You can buy a Lightning Lane (fast pass) for a certain amount of attractions per day. It's not unlimited.

Or you could stand on line in the traditional way, for free.

Top 10 Facts To Know Before You Go

Here are some things you should know before your plan your trip:

1. Make sure you have the My Disney Experience App. You will use this app for almost everything for your entire trip. You can:

• Make all sorts of reservations: lodging, park reservations, dining, Genie +, etc.

• Scan into the parks, by linking your ticket and tap your phone

• See wait times for attractions

• Get your photos from PhotoPass

• Shop in the store and pay in the app

• Open your Disney Resort room

• Order food at quick serve places

• See park hours

• Know which attractions are temporarily closed or under refurbishment. Remember, the weather can be a reason why an attraction is temporarily closed

• Try to get on a virtual queue for an attraction

• See your schedule for the day. Once you make a reservation, it shows up under My Plans

• Play Disney Parks while your on line for an attraction

• Change your payment method on your account

• You can even chat with a representative

• Link Magic Bands and tickets to your account

• Enter your parking space

Not bad for an app.

2. Don't rely 100% on the mobile app.

You may need to log into the browser website with a laptop or desktop computer to purchase a ticket or link a family or friend to your experience. You will need to link people if you want to make reservations for people in your party. Your overall account username and password will get you into most Disney sites: Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and Disney Vacation Club.

3. Staying on Property

If the only thing you are going to do is go to Disney attractions, staying on Disney property, which seems more expensive at first, is the best option.

• You technically do not need any transportation when you are on property. There are buses, monorails, ferries and skyliners to get you where you need to go. You can always take a car service to Universal :)

• If you do bring a car (your own or rented), you currently do not have to pay to park at the resort. You currently do not have to pay for parks parking if you are an annual passholder. If you have theme tickets and you are staying at the resort, check about parking at the theme parks or take the Disney Transportation.

• You can use the Disney dining plan.

• It is more convenient to get to the parks as soon as they open and to stay as late as you want without worrying about driving back to the hotel.

• Currently, there are no hidden fees, such as resort fees or a charge to take a shuttle to the resorts.

• The same health and safety precautions that are at the parks are in place at the resort.

• Your account will be charged with the credit card on your account. Unless there is an issue, checking in and out is totally on the app.

• If needed: You can book a park reservation for every day that you stay on property or for the length of your ticket.

4. Park reservations:

You may not need a reservation to enter a park. Check the app for the current informatin regarding park-hopping and what time you can go to the second park. If you are a passholder, check about the possible need for a park reservation.

5. Attractions and Entertainment:

Some lines for attractions are extremely long, but they may get shorter later in the day. Use the app to see wait times to get a feel for the day. If the weather is nice, enjoy your resort and get to the park later.

Although the parades, shows, character greetings and other entertainment has returned since the pandemic, some of the cavalcades are still there: 1 minute mini-parades of about 4-5 characters.

6. Epcot:

Remember that the Epcot festivals are popular. It may be cooler in the evenings but it may also be more crowded.

7. Park Hopping:

You are not limited to one second park. You can try to get to them all.

8. Health Procotols:

Health protocols have been suspended for now, but feel free to wear a face mask when and wherever you want. Some people wear them on enclosed transportation or indoors.

Protocols can change. The My Disney Experience App will send you a notification. Always check the Disney website or app before you go out.

9. Security:

Getting through security is easier. Take out your umbrella, metal eyeglass case, metal compact mirror, second phone, camera batteries or anything else that might set off the scanner, hold it straight out and walk right through. They will only look into your bag if the beeper goes off. You will learn quickly which items might be the culprit.

10. Dining:

Order your quick serve food on the app. You will still need a reservation for fine dining, but almost everything else is on the app (except the carts and the Epcot festival kiosks). You can pre-schedule the time and then click, "I'm here, prepare my food" when you're ready.

Always check the app or website for the latest information.

Happy Travels!!


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