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Wizards, Witches & Muggles: You're Invited to Afternoon Tea

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Afternoon Tea At The Cauldron NYC

The Covid-19 pandemic reacquainted many travelers with local tourism and traveling through your own town, city and region. Since then, The NYC Traveler has been enjoying New York City! And what's a fun thing to do? Having an afternoon wizard tea at The Cauldron.

The Cauldron is located on Stone Street, a pedestrian alley full of restaurants, bars, taverns and pubs. If you don't fill up in one place, you could literally hop from one place to the other and stay on Stone Street all day. Start at Fraunces Tavern, once George Washington's headquarters, located at Broad and Pearl Streets. Broad Street turns into Stone Street. But don't worry if you can't find it: it will find you. At the height of the day, you'll see the banners, hear the music and crowds and possibly smell the food coming from the one block of establishments.

The Cauldron Restaurant
The Cauldron, Stone Street, NYC

The Cauldron in New York is one of several locations in the USA and the UK. Although not endorsed or sponsored by famous franchises such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Flies, Star Wars or the Chronicles of Narnia, you certainly get that vibe when you walk in the door.

Choose whether you want one of their special experiences (make a reservation) or to just have food and/or a drink (reservations for a regular meal are strongly recommended). The NYC Traveler Tip For Your Trip: Try for an early reservation, you have more of a chance of getting it.

The Cauldron NYC Menu

There are several experiences to choose from, but always check the website for the current offerings:

* Potion Making: make your own drinks, paid in advance

*Wizard Afternoon Tea: tea, sandwiches, scones, paid in advance

These two experiences include the wand rental and other wizardly equipment needed to concoct your potions and teas.

teacup on a try
Tea is served

*Regular Dining: deposit needed, deducted from bill

*Drag Bingo: exactly what it sounds like, bring your own pen, feel free to dress the part

*Drag Show: admission fee, drinks

These experiences do not include the wand or mixing your own drinks.

For the witches, wizards and warlocks in training, there are special sessions for those under age 21: you have to book during those specific times.

So, how was our afternoon tea? Well, seriously the video shows it better but this is what we did:

*We enjoyed our brewed potion (cocktail). Since we arrived early, we had the bar experience and then took our drinks upstairs when it was time for our session

*We opened the magic box with the wand (you have to leave a credit card, because the wands tend to disappear). Inside were the teas. The recipes for the potions (brewing the teas) are on the menu or by scanning QR code.

*The tea sandwiches (huge, by the way, not finger sandwiches) were served on the magical carousel.

Scones, pastries and cookies
Scones, etc.

*Scones and other sweet goodies (also huge) were also served as well as a pretty tea pot and matching cups and saucers.

*You also get to make potion (drink) during the session.

*Try to see what other spells you can cast with the wand. Hint: It doesn't just open the magic box.

All in all, whether you are an NYC local or tourist, head to The Cauldron for a fun experience.

Happy Travels!

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